DUDE Token
An innovative passive rewards system

Our automated Trading Bots do the heavy lifting for you. DUDE holders earn rewards by simply holding the token.
Don't make life complicated; become a certified DUDE today!

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What is DUDE token?

The goal of DUDE token is to create a streamlined experience where users can benefit from DeFi without having to do the heavy lifting themselves.

The core of our model revolves around our inhouse trading technology which has been programmed to trade like human, but without human error. 

This technology is available to our token holders, who simply have to hold DUDE token to receive passive rewards.

Whether the market is bullish or bearish, our trading bots are able to thrive.

How does the trading technology work?

We have created a system that contains a series of bots and algorithms that automate the trading process. We use funds within the DeFi Dude (DD) Vault to fuel our trading technology, which in turn is used to generate rewards to our token holders. We manage this system for you, meaning there is real utility in holding our token. It's that simple.

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Automated Swing Trading

Market volatility is our friend. This system is based upon speed and precision. We have dedicated considerable time and effort into crafting algorithms that can perform thousands of complex calculations in seconds, meaning our bots can make effective trading decisions at key turning points in the market.

This is where our technology shines as a human simply would not be able to mimic this process across one market, let alone hundreds simultaneously.

Position Trading

Position trading is a popular, long-term trading strategy that seeks to capitalise on trends within the market. Our technology utilises a mixture of on-chain metrics and techniques, such as Elliott wave theory, Denmark indicators, harmonics, etc. to ensure we make well calculated moves.

Scalp Trading

The goal of a scalper is not to make enormous profit with each trade they make, but rather a small profit over many little trades. This is where automated technology shows real benefit; it is able to execute at speed and remain disciplined to the programmed parameters.

While humans are prone to error and greed, our systems strip out all human emotion to deliver consistent results over time. This is what we believe to be fundamental to long term success within the market.

Across All Markets

Our technology isn't just limited to crypto; we diversify across a large range of markets including traditional stocks and precious metals such as Gold. This means we are able to tap into many market opportunities at once.

Our systems also run 24/7, meaning we practically have zero downtime and are able to capitalise on any major movements within markets, at any time. While you sleep, DeFi Dude works.

The Dude Vault

The Dude token Vault is what fuels our technology. The goal of the vault is drive sustainable growth and generate passive rewards for $DUDE token holders. As the vault grows in size, so do the rewards. The more tokens you hold, the higher share of rewards you will receive.

Rewards will be distributed proportionately across token holders every 14 days, with a performance target of 10% (of the vault size) set each period. The aim is to deliver consistent and sustainable rewards.

The Dude Vault is managed by the core team. Decisions will be fully open and transparent, with community involvement and input. Periods that deliver over target will be recycled back into the vault. For more details on how this is managed, please read our white paper or reach out to us on through our socials.

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How Dude Token Works


How does it work?

DUDE token leverages a simple tax based system on every buy/sell of the token. Funds generated through this system are used to grow the Dude Vault, and expand the project. It is a system that rewards holders and sources from speculators.

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Marketing wallet

The Marketing wallet is used to expand the project's profile and increase awareness of the $DUDE. This will help propel DUDE token to new heights and allow us gain reach within the crypto community.

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The Dude Vault

The Dude Vault is what fuels our technology. The goal of the vault is drive sustainable growth and generate passive rewards for $DUDE token holders. As the vault grows in size, so do the rewards. The more tokens you hold, the higher share of rewards you will receive.

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Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pool grows as $DUDE is traded on PancakeSwap. A larger liquidity pool benefits all holders, as it stabilises price and reduces slippage on all trades. It also means $DUDE can attract larger trades and more volume, which drives more rewards for holders.

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Direct Rewards

$DUDE holders earn reflections on each and every swap - meaning a portion of every swap is directly distributed across token holders in real time. This rewards those loyal to the project as holders benefit directly from the speculation of others.

How do I participate?

Get our White Paper

Read our white paper to have a greater understanding

Road Map

Phase One

  • Website Launch
  • Pre-sale
  • Token Launch
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Phase Two

  • Dashboard
  • Vault Analytics
  • Vault Tracker

Phase 3

  • On chain voting
  • DAO infrastructure

Phase 4

  • TBD

Meet the Team

Joe Craig

Joe Craig

CEO & Co-Creator
Professional background in economics and data analytics. Became interested in blockchain in 2017 after realising the technology’s potential to unlock more efficient commerce. Now focused on helping projects become market successes.
Jack Craig

Jack Craig

15 years experience in engineering. Active in blockchain since 2017, with a developed skillset in market trading. Co-creator of DeFi Dude DAO.
Gareth Melia

Gareth Melia

Head of Marketing
Digital marketing expert with 10 years experience with a love for direct response marketing & high converting funnels.
Isaac Farrow

Isaac Farrow

Web Developer
Web Developer & Designer specializing in building high converting websites.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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